June 1, 2019

June 1, 2019

Good Morning,

This week has been a full one at Fripps!  Part of me wanted to write this blog last night (because May 31st somehow seemed less daunting than June 1st) but most of me was reflecting on the amazing  Carnival orchestrated by our parent community!

As we move into our final month of learning for the 2018-2019 school year, we continue to see growth in all of our students. From reading and writing to self-regulation, from math to social skills, each one of our students is on a different journey that we continue to support and help students achieve.  When you speak with your children about the week, or the year, help them to see the growth, the positives and the successes and know that we recognize how far each of them has come.  Take a look at some of the learning and community building we have been up to this week.



Our Spring Carnival was such a terrific success! Well organized, full of fun, games and great food, and a beautiful night to spend together as a community.  While I may still be draining water from my ears after the dunk tank 😉 , I can’t help but think abut what an amazing community I am part of.  Dozens and I mean dozens of parents and grandparents, staff and students, middle and high schoolers, showed up, worked hard and had fun in support of our students.  Thank you to everyone who was able to help, including our PAC and amazing custodial team.  Here are a few pictures of the fun we had.



Mrs. Swayne and Mrs. Wiebe’s class has been working on their storytelling skills. They have all signed up for a read aloud time in the months of May and June.  They are working on their confidence reading clearly to a group, developing a good storytelling pace, using good expression and fluency, and selecting a picture book that will be interesting for their classmates.  In.  Grade.  Three.  Wow!  Literacy covers a wide array of skills that include reading (fluency and comprehension), writing, and oral language and are are developed at every grade level.  These students have made some great book selections.



Mr. G and Ms. R help our students get read for their day with our morning bootcamp program. As we work to build self-regulation skills in our students, we need to provide opportunities for practice and modelling.  The students who attend boot camp change from day to day based on student need. Getting our body moving helps get our brain moving and that helps us learn!  Our work with the Zones of Regulation is helping students to identify when they are and are not calm alert and ready to learn, and also give them strategies to get there.



Assessment of student learning happens in many ways.  When students know where they are going with their learning, when they know where they are beginning, and when they receive feedback that helps the move their learning forward, we are more likely to see student growth. Formative assessment allows for growth during learning and helps direct future learning as well.  This week Mrs. DeVido’s recorder students were self-assessing their learning in Music.



Mrs. Fernandes’ students have been working this week with a variety of platforms, from Makey Makey (electrical circuits and conductors), to Stop Motion (Grade 5s creating fractured fairy tales of their own), to internet research and keyword searches (Grade 1 animal research). What is so critical is that the technology is used as a tool for learning and as a vehicles to support the core competencies ( creative and critical thinking and problem solving).  And while technology often plays a role in our Learning Commons, students are also developing their love of literacy and inquiry skills in other ways (like these kindergarten students who are practicing their observation skills as they hunt for bugs).



This week our Grade 5 students participated in Operation Waterproof, a township sponsored program that helps prepare our students for summer fun.  Students learn boat and water safety, how to get help and some basic first aid skills that will help them to be safe around water this summer.  The daily program offered learning both in and out of the water.



Some of our students participated in Soap Stone carving this week with Aboriginal Presenter Lynn Hayes.  Organized by our Aboriginal Support worker, Mrs. Gibbons, students explored and experienced this Indigenous craft creating pieces of their own. This learning supports the First People’s Principles of learning which identify the importance of identity in relation to learning, and our role in offering experiences and opportunities for learners to express their identities as they are developing,



Our gardens continue to grow and this week we tested the first vegetables from our crop.  These students had never tried radishes before and loved their spicy flavour!  Our sunflowers are getting so big er had to be replanted this week!



Ms. Koop’s students have begun a class Elephant and Piggie book titled “Let’s Have a Party at Lynn Fripps”.  Students planned all twenty-one pages and are excited to piece it together next week.



Mrs. Sukert’s students have been learning about bears and this week created these beautiful covers to their books!



Mrs. Torgerson’s kindies are quite the developing artists.  These birds and their nests are beautiful and show the students’ developing creative thinking.  I love how each nest is so different!




Mrs. Kuhr and Mrs. Westwick’s class has been learning all about our community and their place in it.  Students identified their contributions and the roles of our community members as they created  the big picture of what community is all about.  Students also have conversations about needs and how we work together which helps to develop their personal and social awareness competencies.




This amazing project done by Ms. McMitchell’s class show students how together we can have a large impact.  Students were each given a piece of the puzzle to complete, not knowing how their pieces fit together.   What a wonderful illustration of “Together we are Better”

I love the variety of colours and tones, but in particular how the pieces came together and complemented one another.





We continue to learn and grow through a lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection.  Here are some of those moments from the week.




Our Sports Day is Fast Approaching!  By now you should know which team your child is a part of(Red, Green, Blue or Purple). Please contact your classroom teacher if you do not know yet. Students are encouraged to wear their colours (or superhero themed clothing) for our Sports Day on Friday.

Students who choose to participate in our Wheels Parade are encouraged to decorate their wheels (scooters, bikes, roller blades or skateboards) and to have them at the school by 8:25 on Friday.  ALL STUDENTS PARTICIPATING MUST HAVE A HELMET!!!

Stations will run from 9-noon (with an indoor recess break) followed by lunch.  All stations will occur on the field. Students will be rotating through stations as a class.  Afternoon activities will be happening in classes and are planned by the classroom teacher.

Students are encouraged to bring sunscreen, hats, and lots of water.  Families are welcome to come out and watch.  The PAC will be offering a concession for spectators.




Just a reminder about our  Evacuation and Controlled Release drill Tuesday afternoon.  Staff have been preparing and students will be reminded about what to expect during our Virtues Assembly on Tuesday.  For more information, and to read the previously sent letter please click this link :




June 4th – Controlled Release Emergency Preparedness Drill

June 5th – District Track Meet

June 6th – Yorkson Creek Grade 5 Parent Night 6:30pm

June 7th – Sports Day

June 12th – School Visit by Assistant Superintendent Mal Gill

June 18th – Grade 5 Farewell

June 19th – Grade 5 Camp

June 27th – Year End Assembly 9:00am

June 27th – Last Day of School . Dismissal 12:00pm


Have a wonderful weekend,

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