June 14, 2019

June 14, 2019

Good Evening Families,

This week has been another great week of learning at Fripps.  Our students continue to show their learning and growth in a variety of ways and strive to do their very best.  Many times this week staff stopped me with smiles to say “I’m so excited because…” and “Look where …. is at!”  There is such great joy in seeing student success, whether academically, socially or emotionally.  Students are also excited about their growth.  Visits to the classroom are met with student smiles and demonstrations of learning.  As we move into these last two weeks of the 2018-2019 school year, we are excited to continue to share this learning.  Here is another chapter in the Fripps story:



This week our staff and district celebrated the amazing Mrs. Mirecki on her upcoming retirement. Mrs. Mirecki has taught for 31 years – all of them dedicated to student success.  Brave enough to start paper-mache on a Friday afternoon and to create awesome painting projects, Mrs. Mirecki is  known for her amazing art lessons.  Chinese New Year dragons, watercolour painting and drawing were only a few of the projects her students have created over the years.  Mrs. Mirecki has also shared her love of the outdoors by taking her students on some amazing fieldtrips.  Mrs. Mirecki has sought out, nurtured, and championed each student’s gifts.  Kind enough to know the ins and outs of every family, student and team member, Mrs. Mirecki has been a gift to all those she has worked with.  She is known for her warm hugs and high expectations – expecting nothing less than success from her students but providing every opportunity to make that happen.  Her gift of connection is evident every day.  She spends time speaking with each student, providing one to one support, being a student’s biggest cheerleader and their biggest ally. We will miss her greatly and wish her the very best in her retirement.




This week I has the great fortune of spending time in Mrs. Gillion’s Grade One class during their dedicated literacy block.  Students were building words, creating sentences, writing stories and learning new vocabulary through a variety of engaging and purposeful centres.  What I noticed was the focus and determination students demonstrated in challenging themselves at these tasks.


Mrs. Westwick’s kindergarten students were showing their sight word knowledge as they matched, wrote and read the words they have learned this year.  These students, many of whom did not know letters and sounds in September are now reading and writing words and frame sentences!


Ms. McMitchell’s students have created even more amazing Fractured Fairy Tales with the use of green screen filming, stop motion and film editing.  These projects allowed students to build their confidence with both technology and oral language while building capacity for communication and creative thinking competencies.  The video involve reading and deconstructing a known fairy tale, recreating a story containing all of the story elements, and then creatively sharing the new story.  That’s a pretty big project for Grade Four and Five Students.







This week I was fortunate to have some extra help in my role.  Gurkamal did her part as Principal for a Day, a prize she won for raising $1000 towards the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Gurkamal toured classes, helped with supervision, ordered new library books and P.E. equipment and helped with some projects in our primary classes.  She was a rock star!




Last weekend members of our Fripps Family took part in the Relay for Life to celebrate cancer survivors and come together as a community to support those whose families have been touched by the disease.  The event brings people together to show the power of community and the strength we have when we work together.  Those special yellow shirts?  Those are worn only by cancer survivors.  Yah they are!!!  We are so grateful for our Fripps family and the power of community.





I bet you’ve heard that one a time or two 😉  Mrs. Torgerson’s students took to the arts this week devising creative ways to combat being bored after reading this hilarious story by Michael Ian Black and Debbie Ridpath Ohi.  This is a great story about a young girl who’s adventures have her saying ” kids are not boring!  They’re fun and amazing!  Just look at all the things I an do with my IMAGINATION”.  I love that students were able to come up with great ways to entertain themselves!

Take a look at what some of our kids came up with!





Mrs. Kufske’s students finished up their unit on perimeter and are by designing floor plans for the house of their dreams.  Some homes came complete with arcades, aquarium rooms, home theatres and hockey arenas.  Students measured the area and perimeter of each room on their floor plan.  It was so much fun watching them use their knowledge in such a creative way.




Mrs. Kuhr’s students are helping us to stay safe this summer.  These kindergarten students have created some amazing posters about summer safety which are up in our hallways. I love the personal and social responsibility that is demonstrated in this project.




Mrs. Salli and Mrs. Winterbottom took their classes to the Stave Lake Power plant this week to explore Hydro electricity.  This field trip allowed students to put their learning in context and develop a deeper connection to the in-class science learning.




Mrs. Kevany’s class has been learning all about animal and plant life cycles this term. From salmon to sunflowers students have explored the life cycles of those things living around us.  As a way to showcase their understanding of life cycles, students each chose an animal to learn an share about.  Students engaged in the research process, collecting, synthesizing and sharing relevant information with others.  This process allowed students to build capacity in their communication and literacy skills.  These projects show how classroom learning embeds literacy across the curriculum and how student voice and choice in their learning allow for some amazing projects!


Mrs. Torgerson’s students released their butterflies this week.  Students held hands and made wishes about hope (either for themselves or the butterflies).  “I wish you a safe journey” could be heard from one little button.  And then they were free. The butterfly release is so magical.

The following day students made visual representations using loose parts and used their developing oral language to share their happy and sad feelings about the butterflies being set free.  These kindergarten students truly embody our lens of curiosity, joy and connection.




Mrs. Sawatzky’s class visited the Brooksdale environmental centre this week.  Brooksdale offers place-based learning experiences that get students close up and personal with their natural world, allowing them to come away with a greater appreciation for their environment as well as an understanding of ecosystems.  The students had a great time and then shared their learning by creating brochures which included highlights of the trip.




We continue to learn through the lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection which helps build deeper meaning and understanding for our students.




The FVRL offers some terrific reading programs to help keep kids reading and avoid the summer slide.  Our students have worked really hard this year to build their reading ability.  Daily reading over the summer can help students maintain their reading ability and set them up for success in the Fall, and the library can help.  Check out the FVRL website to see what they have to offer. https://www.fvrl.bc.ca/summer_reading_clubs.php




Common Sense Media has put together a list of some of the best books and their reviews!  If you’re looking for some great family reading this summer, take a look at this list!





Time Magazine has put together a list of the 100 best children’s books of all time!  Here’s another great list for summer reading!




June 18th – Grade 5 Farewell 1:00-2:00 pm

June 19th – Grade 5 Camp

June 24th – Kindergarten Waterpark Fieldtrip

June 25th – Grade 4 and 5 students to Aldergrove Community Pool and BBQ

June 27th – Year End Assembly 9:00am

June 27th – Last Day of School – Dismissal 12:00pm


Have a wonderful weekend,

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