June 28th, 2019

June 28, 2019

Good Afternoon,

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.  We have had such an amazing year of learning and growth in so many ways!  This final Principal’s Message hopes to share with you our learning and success.



Mrs. Myers’ Kindergarten students shared their hopes in these beautiful pictures.  What do these photos remind us?  Our children look up to us, value our time, and have big dreams for the future.



As a learning community we have accomplished so much this year! Now in our second full year working on literacy and self-regulation, we have built on to last year’s work.

We continue to support all learners in finding ways to help them reach their potential.  ALL of our learners are all of OUR learners and we use this lens to provide support and inclusive education.  We have done this through the following:



Teaching and learning opportunities continue to build both student and teacher capacity and to build a collaborative team.  Staff are encouraged to work together, to watch each other teach and to build a community of collaborative learners. They have undertaken new learning for themselves as well as providing opportunities for student success.  Our work with Adrienne Gear and Kelsey Keller, in the areas of literacy and core competency instruction are just two examples of this.  May of our staff have also learned and implemented Words their Way, a system of word study instruction that meets students where they are and helps to develop language skills.  Our K team has implemented Words Works Daily school wide which has resulted in greater success and achievement in our kindergarten students and helping them prepare for future learning.

 We have also focused on literacy instruction all all grades, providing additional literacy support, learning assistance and small group instruction, as well as reading recovery for students needing support.  As a staff we have worked to build capacity on one another by having teachers visit colleagues to watch lessons and programs in actions and by continuing to build collaboration and cross curricular/grade understanding.

Mrs. Schroeder’s students have been learning all about friction in their force and motion study, and this week worked to create the slowest marble tracks.  Students worked collaboratively and used problem solving skills and communication to build tracks that provided the most resistance to the marble making for a slower run down the path.


Mrs. Sawatzky’s students showed off their writing skills with these amazing pop-up books!  Students wrote their own stories and created pop-up scenes to go with them.  These beautiful books will be quite the keepsake!



Literacy Materials purchased this year have built resources to support Balanced Literacy and student achievement.  Purchased materials have not come alone but with attached in-service or Pro-D opportunities. 

  • Word Works Daily – an oral language program that develops literacy skills in our youngest and most vulnerable learners (Kindergarten and ELL)
  • Story Workshop – Oral Language combined with hands-on building to create personal stories combined with supporting picture books )
  • Words Their Way – resources for all classrooms for spelling and word development
  • Classroom Libraries have begun being built
  • Creating voice and choice in reading materials
  • Elephant and Piggie collections for All Grade 1 classes to promote fluency and expression in reading
  • Guided Reading Materials
  • High Interest, Lower vocabulary books that catch reader interest
  • Adrienne Gear – resources for all teachers
  • Library Collection for Reading Power increased  as well as increasing our general collection.  We have added over 800 new books to the library this year alone.


Mrs. Gillion’s students performed some amazing skits this week of their favourite Elephant and Piggie books.  These books have had such an impact on our students!  They have allowed our students to play with fluency and expression and develop some terrific reading skills.



We have built our ability and capacity to offer students learning opportunities in our Learning Commons that model collaboration, communication, creative and critical thinking while maintaining voice and choice in learning.  Curricular competencies are being supported through core competency development and staff are working collaboratively to do this. 

  • Heritage Fair Skill development and project support
  • Power Play Young Entrepreneurs program and IDEA Summit
  • Picture Book of the Year
  • Langley Book of the Year
  • Reading Link Challenge
  • Reading Powers Collection
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Makey Makey electrical circuit building
  • 3D printing using Tinkerine-Autocad Program
  • Information Literacy development



Language in our building around Zones has become standard and we are moving to build student capacity in their self-regulation.  All staff continue to work with all students.  

  • Creation of a secondary resource room with break circuit for students who are needing to self-regulate to return to meaningful classroom experiences
  • Installation of a sensory path with instruction from our Resource Team
  • Adding to our Zones materials
  • Gardening club and outdoor learning
  • Flexible workspaces and shelving
  • More Lighting for calmer environments
  • Staff Pro-d (Workshops, Book Studies – The Yes Brain Child; Mental Health Literacy)
  • Kelso’s Choice Problem Solving program – taught by administration and  YCW to student body



We continue to provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership skills and to support our school community.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Salli, Mrs. Thorne and Mrs. Fernandes, our students have had some wonderful opportunities including: 



  • Virtues Assemblies
  • Fundraising
  • School Spirit Days
  • Me to We Day
  • Library Monitors
  • Classroom and Office Monitors
  • Buddy reading and Buddy Classes



Our work to build students of strong character and virtue has continues this year with our Virtues Project.  Our students have taken turns teaching, modelling, and providing daily examples of our Virtues in Action, and this is further embedded in our monthly assemblies led by leadership students and  school wide recognition for character and virtues.



We continue to provide opportunities to support student strengths and develop new skills and talents.  This year our students were fortunate to have the expertise of two specialist teachers (Ms. Marte – P.E. and Mrs. Devido – Music) who provided so many wonderful opportunities in and out of the classroom.  From Cross country, intra-murals, and running club to after school band, students interests were piques and skills developed.

Our very dedicated and hard working coaches volunteered to provide our senior students with the opportunity to play basketball and volleyball through practices and games.  A big thank you to our amazing coaches!

We have also provided students with some alternative learning opportunities outside of the classroom that have helped students to investigate and develop new interests.  Some of these include:

  • Natural Learning Opportunities 
  • Gardening, Plants, Fieldtrips, indoor gardens
  • Heritage Fair 
  • Power Play Entrepreneur Program 
  • Speech Fest 
  • Hands-on Science Exploration and Learning 
  • Talent Show 


Mrs. Swayne and Mrs. Wiebe celebrated the unique differences and successes of their students this week with their year end awards.



This community of learners is supported by educators and families that work hard every day.  The parent community at Lynn Fripps is like no other!  Your efforts have provided so many opportunities for our leaners.  Here are just a few of the things you have helped us accomplish this year:

  • A Brand New Playground to support our growing population 
  • Headsets to allow our iPads to be used as listening centres
  • New library books and resources
  • New sound equipment and lights
  • Classroom enrichment funds that allow teaches to provide the extras in classes
  • Classroom Library Funds 
  • Lunchtime activities for students (Yoga, Martial Arts)
  • Compassionate Care Fund that ensures our students all have what they need to access learning and reach their potential


Here is a look at some of the Curiosity, Joy and Connection this year at Fripps:



While it is only June, we are already looking ahead to September.  Here are a few things you should know about the first week back!

Monday September 2nd – Labour Day (students do not attend)

Tuesday September 3rd  (8:35 – 10:35)- Students return to last year’s class (and teacher); New students report to the Learning Commons; NEW KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS DO NOT ATTEND –

Wednesday September 4th (8:35 – 2:36) – Students return to last year’s class (and teacher) then begin grade group rotations; NEW KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS begin gradual entry

Thursday September 5th (8:35 – 2:36) – Students return to last year’s class (and teacher) then begin grade group rotations; NEW KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS continue gradual entry

Friday September 6th(8:35 – 2:36) – Students return to last year’s class (and teacher)then begin grade group rotations; NEW KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS continue gradual entry

The school office will close Friday July 5th and reopen August 26th.  Please feel free to contact me via email should you have any questions during this time.



New kindergarten families will be receiving an email by the end of next week with the gradual entry schedule for September.  Please watch your inbox.



It is an absolute privilege to work with this community every day.  Thank you all for entrusting your children to us.  It has been such a joy to work with amazing staff students and families through the lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection.  To those families leaving, know you have had an impact on our community and we have enjoyed our time with you.  You are part of the family.  To those returning, I wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to another amazing year!


Warm Regards,

Kim Anderson

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