June 8, 2019

June 8, 2019

Good Morning Families,

This week has been a full one here at Fripps, but one in which so many good things happened. While we are definitely moving towards the end of the school year, our students continue to be engaged in great learning opportunities.  Many of our staff have created hands-on and experiential learning opportunities this week with field trips and presenters and inquiry.  While we are definitely working to build literacy capacity in our students, we are also working to build caring, contributing members of our local and global communities.  This happens through our Virtues project and its connection to daily learning and experiences, but also through real-life experiences that build understanding, compassion and empathy.

Students this month have been focusing on Responsibility, and what that looks like in our day to day actions and activities.  Our Grade Five leaders shared this video at our Virtues Assembly earlier in the week.  It’s catchy tune reminds us about our role in being responsible.



What a day we had!  The weather cooperated for us and students enjoyed a great morning of fun and sportsmanship as they took part in our relays and wheels parade.  I love seeing the skies change in all of the photos of our day and yet the rain held off and gave us a dry day for our fun!   A huge thank you to our Yorkson Creek students who ran the stations and helped to clean up.  We really love our partnership with the Middle School and appreciate the leadership and work of their students in helping at our events.

The wheels parade was successful this year as we moved it to our township path to give students more space to ride and our spectators more wheels to watch.  We especially loved seeing the efforts students made to decorate their wheels for the parade.  Thank you to our parents, grandparents and other family members who made it out to cheer on our students, and to our PAC for their never-ending work to support us.  The concession and hot lunch was greatly appreciated.



One of the things that makes my heart happy is the incredible way in which our staff collaborates.  Whether across grades, within grades, across curricular areas or in common areas of interest, our team works together for our kids.  This week we are very excited to share a video created by Tinkerine 3D Printers about our Grade 5 Project with Physics.  The video will be loaded onto their website as a resource for other educators and shows the way that technology is being used to support learning at Fripps.  The video shows our teachers talking through the design process and sharing how it aligns with the criteria students developed and also showcases the importance of the core competencies through a process.



We are so proud of our Falcons this week!  They represented our community well, not only with their performance at our track meet, but also their sportsmanship, community spirit and teamwork. Students enjoyed a great day of relays and events at McLeod Athletic Park on Wednesday.  Thank you to Mrs. Fernandes, Mrs. Thorne and Mrs. Kufske for supporting our students and cheering them on, and to our parents for driving and supervising our students. It’s always a wonderful to to see students’ strengths shine and to be able to offer opportunities for their gifts to be shared.



This is such a neat project.  Our senior students are working to create fractured (or different) versions of the fairy tales we have all grown to know and love.  Using green screen filming these students have created quite the stories.




We have successfully completed our first ever Evacuation Drill.  This was the first time the drill was run in any Langley School with our district protocols.  I am extremely proud of our staff, students and families for their patience, their hard work and the efficiency with which the drill ran.  The students were happy and calm, and many were disappointed when they were picked up early 😉 . We know that there was some waiting for families, but our first priority was student safety.  I have appreciated the feedback as our goal is always to work closely with families.  What we learned and what we are able to implement moving forward will help us all ensure a safe reunification and experience for students.

Many thanks for helping us ensure the process was followed.  We have made some notes about improvements through conversations with district staff, trustees, and our school liaison officer for next time.  These changes are minor as the process while timely, was also very smooth.  A special thank you to parent volunteers and our PAC president Jenn Pyper for maintaining open and effective communication and for working closely with us.



Literacy continues to be a focus throughout our learning and happens in so many different ways.  From word work to story writing to reading with buddies, every opportunity to engage students in language helps to build stronger, more confident reads, writers and communicators.



What a great day for our Grade One team at the zoo.  Students had fun exploring and seeing all of the great animals and enjoyed their bus ride too!



Mrs. Myers’ class was excited to release their butterflies this week.  They have been watching the life cycle in action since receiving their caterpillars.  The students have learned about metamorphosis and what is needed to support our flying friends.



Mrs. Schroeder’s class made a trip to the Brooksdale Environmental Centre this week to study life cycles and environmental sustainability. Students found frogs, insects and fish in different stages of the life cycle and explored their natural habitats.  The centre’s property is a living lab comprised of forests, a threatened river system, organic gardens, and heritage houses.  This field-trip allowed students to engage directly in the world around them. Students were outfitted with nets for pond dipping, magnifiers for examining bugs, and binoculars for identifying birds.



This week we brought the wild indoors as our Kindergarten students explored with Urban Safari.  The Urban Safari Rescue Society, rescues and cares for exotic animals surrendered to them and educate the public about animals, the natural world and conservation issues. They provide a safe, secure home for unwanted animals for the rest of their natural lives.  Students learned about turtles and snakes and spiders… and so much more.  Take a look at some of these brave children.



As always, we continue to work with a lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection in our learning opportunities.  Take a look at some of these moments this week:



June 12th – Assistant Superintendent Mal Gill School Visit

June 18th – Grade 5 Farewell

June 19th – Grade 5 Camp

June 27th – Year End Assembly 9:00am

June 27th – Last Day of School – Dismissal 12:00pm


Have a wonderful weekend,

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