May 11, 2019

May 11, 2019

Good Afternoon,

It has been another great week at Fripps.  The sun has been shining and we have been able to get outdoors and dig into learning.  One of my greatest joys has been in watching the growth in our students not only academically but also socially and emotionally.  Our efforts continue to focus on our Action Plan for Learning goals which include building capacity for reading fluency and comprehension in our students and social emotional learning. We look forward to a successful end of year with more learning and more growth in all of our learners.



Our gardens continue to grow!  This week our gardening club added signs, toadstools, and a Ladybug Crossing.  These projects allowed students to practice their art, literacy and communication skills as they worked together on the various projects.  Mrs. Kevany built vocabulary and learning with students as they created their “Bug Hotel”.  The conversation and oral language that are developed as students explore new ideas and our natural world help them to communicate and problem solve in all other areas of their lives, as well as to build excitement for the outdoors!




Mrs. Sukert’s students dug into literacy this week as the created their own oral stories with Story workshop materials.  The students continue to explore new language, story elements and communication skills as they create their own adventures.






Mrs. Devido combines literacy and music as she works with our kindergarten students during their rhyme time session.  Fun songs and rhymes such as Pat A Cake, Hot Cross Buns, Jack be Nimble and Baa Baa Black sheep reinforce literacy (nursery rhymes) and music while teaching the importance of rhyme.



This week Ms. Winterbottom, Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Sawatzky welcomed LEPS into their classrooms to learn all about Hazards in the Home.  LEPS, or the Langley Environmental Partners Society, is a non-profit organization that helps to connect business, community and government through education.  Through this workshop, students became Hazard Detectives and identified which household hazardous products could be harmful by matching symbols with meanings. Students also discussed how household hazardous products can be harmful outside the home and learned safer choices for their families and the environment.  Students enjoyed and learned from this engaging presentation.





Mrs. Salli’s class explored Aboriginal Tools this week with our Aboriginal presenter Karen Gabriel.  Students learned about tools, what their uses were and how they were created.  Students also worked to create their own replicas of the tools using recycled materials.

In this workshop students explored the First People’s Principle of learning which says that learning recognizes the role of indigenous knowledge and the importance of this knowledge in our understanding of the world.



This week we welcomed our new kindergarten students and their families to the Lynn Fripps Community at our annual Welcome to Kindergarten event. Students got to visit a variety of stations run by our K team to get a taste of what Kindergarten will be like.   Thank you to our PAC for providing snacks and juice to all of our incoming kindies! We can’t wait to start the school year with you.




This week many of our students had the opportunity to take part in, and experience the Langley School District’s 2nd Annual I.D.E.A. Summit.  The Summit is  showcase of student learning – Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Altruism and allows students to share their ideas, give back to charity and share those things that they have created through the design thinking process.  Our students enjoyed the opportunity to learn from others and share their ideas.



Mrs. Devido is such a gift!  Her music education teaches and reinforces the learning happening in classes around literacy, Social-Emotional Learning and our Curricular and Core Competencies.  This week our students explored storytelling through song, rap, instruments, actions & ballet!  Our Grade two and three students have been learning that music can communicate emotions. Students used instruments to show emotions to classmates and demonstrated their social emotional capacity.



We continue to work to build connection  with our Yorkson Creek Community.  This week Grade Six students from Yorkson came to share their up-cycled products with our Fripps students.  Their entrepreneurial skills mixed with recycling to create some amazing products.  Students enjoyed shopping the market in the warm sun and may have brought home a Mother’s Day gift or two 😉



This season our students are experiencing more severe symptoms than past years.  The itchy and watery eyes and sore throats are posing a challenge for learning for many of our students. If you child is bothered by seasonal allergies, you can help by reinforcing students stay away from known irritants, come to school with hats and water bottles, and taking preventative measures before coming to school.  Should you have any questions, or have suggestions for how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Please remember that if you ordered Neufeld Farms, the pickup is Monday at 4:30pm.  Unfortunately, we do not have freezer space to store your products and will have to send any items not picked up back to Neufeld Farms for you to pick up there.



May 13th – Neufeld Farms Pickup

May 22nd – Talent Show

May 22nd – White Hatter Internet Presentation for Parents 7pm

May 23rd – White Hatter Internet Presentation for Grades 4 and 5

May 27th – PAC AGM and Parent Appreciation Evening

May 27-31 – Operation Waterproof (Grade 5 Swim Program)

May 31st – Spring Carnival


Have a wonderful weekend!

Kim Anderson

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