May 17th, 2019

May 17, 2019

Good Evening Families,

We have had a very full week here at Fripps.  I am amazed on a daily basis at the support and encouragement our families provide for one another, and how you support our students and staff. Both in school and out, our community continues to grow stronger and more connected.  I am grateful to be part of this wonderful community. We have done some wonderful learning this week through the lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection that has supported our Action Plan for Learning goals.  I continue to smile when I watch students not only engage but take ownership for their learning.  Take a look at what we have been up to.



This past few weeks, Mrs. Kufske and Ms. McMitchell and their classes have been working along side Mrs. Fernandes in a collaborative effort that combined design-thinking, drafting and the scientific principles of force and motion.  Students worked to create their very own car designs and then drafted them in the Tinkerine Auto-Cad program before printing the prototypes on our 3D printer.  Students tested the cars, worked through the redesign process and then retested the cars to see which worked best on the ramps provided.  Representatives from Tinkerine visited the school this week and video taped the students at work as well as Mrs. Fernandes leading the learning.  The footage will be showcased on the Tinkerine website as a model for Design Thinking and Learning.  The critical and creative thinking, problem solving and communication that took place during this project was amazing.

Some of our classes had fun with the Makey Makey components this week, turning organics into conductors for electrical circuits.  Why not use broccoli and carrots as conductors??

Students designed and printed their own iPad holders this week, which will allow us to connect keyboards to our iPads and make them more useful for word processing activities.



Ms. Winterbottom’s students have been working with Adrienne Gear’s work in Powerful Understanding and are developing their inferencing skills.  Students are learning how to make good inferences based on information that they have access to, and then to share their thinking with classmates.  This week students used their inferencing skills to complete comic strips.  Our Action Plan for Learning work around reading achievement has not only focused on reading fluency, but also comprehension and thinking skills.  We have worked to embed the core competencies of critical thinking and communication in our learning, and this has helped our students develop their literacy skills.



Ms. McMitchell’s students were using their problem solving skills as they tried to navigate these skyscraper challenges.  Students looked to build towers following guidelines set out that were similar to a Suduko puzzle.  Requiring students to create and order towers of certain heights and frequencies sure had them using critical thinking and communication with one another.



Our gardens are growing and taking shape, and have created quite a peaceful place to sit outdoors.  We have been so fortunate to have so many of our students experience the outdoors through Garden Club and can’t wait to see these gardens grow.  This week in gardening club students made bird seed feeders and hung them on the trees around school. Children enjoyed container gardening and selecting combinations of plants that go well together in small spaces. What a joy the last 6 weeks have been!



These are the cutest little Hershey’s Kisses I have ever seen!  Mrs. Schroeder’s class took part in the Hug-a-Tree presentation this week that taught them lifesaving outdoor skills.  Students learned how to stay safe, how to stay warm and dry, and had fun with their learning.



Right from our early years, we hope to instil peaceful problem solving in our students.  This can only happen when we teach, model and have students practice these skills.  This week Mrs. Gillion’s Grade One students acted out their efforts to solve problems helping to build these skills.



Mrs. Mirecki’s class learned about traditional Indigenous games and had fun playing them in class this week.  Learning From Mrs. Gabriel, one of our Kwantlen First Nations presenters, students learned both history and culture and were building an understanding of the importance of Indigenous knowledge.  This  reflects the First People’s Principles of Learning embedded in student learning.



Mrs. Janzen’s class was learning about tides and ocean waves this week and used their bodies to represent the moving and changing tides and currents.  Engaging students physically not only helps students access learning in different ways, but also provides for some movement!



Mrs. Hamelin’s class explored a biodiversity box from the Beatty Museum this week all about the seashore.  Students explored not only animals and sea life but also plants and the many adaptations that they have.  Students got to touch and observe a real bald eagle claw  and a mink as well.  Bringing the museum into the school has provided such great learning opportunities for our students and deepened their learning about adaptations and our natural world.



Mrs. Paul’s class has been exploring body systems and how they work.  Students had the opportunity to share their learning about the systems in a personalized way and they did not disappoint.  Students created 2 and 3D models, posters and dioramas to share their understanding which not only showcased their knowledge but also their communication and thinking skills.



Mrs. Sukert’s KinderKids created some beautiful pictures of their moms!  I love the virtues that they see in their moms!



This week at our virtues assembly, we recognized those students who participated and excelled in cross country this year.  Thank you to Mrs. Marte for her hard work and support of these athletes!  We are so grateful to provide opportunities for students to showcase and develop their skills.



Our talent show is fast approaching.  We will have two shows, from 11:45-12:15 and 1:05-1:55 both on Wednesday May 22nd.  Students participating in the talent show have been sent a list sharing which session they are performing in to allow for parents to see our students shine.



As mentioned earlier in the year, we have planned a spring evacuation drill.  On TUESDAY JUNE 4th, at 1:30pm, Lynn Fripps will be participating in a practice emergency evacuation, complete with controlled parent release (making sure students leave attached to a safe adult).  As a district, Langley has been working to prepare our sites, our staff and our students in the event of an emergency.  As you know, each year our school holds several fire, earthquake and lockdown drills to ensure our school community knows how to respond in the event of an emergency.  Our newest procedures, those involving a full scale evacuation must also be practiced to ensure our community is prepared.  This drill will help us to see what pieces we may be missing and ensure we truly are ready for an emergency.  District Staff will also be on hand to see our drill in action.

Our biggest challenge is ensuring that students are reunified with the appropriate adults and sent home safely in the event of an emergency.  We are not allowed to send students home with just anyone, EVEN IF THEY KNOW THE PERSON PICKING UP.  Only those adults listed on the emergency contact forms have permission to pick up students from school. This includes emergency situations.

In the event of an emergency, do you have someone listed that can reach your children at school and get them safely home?  ARE THEY LISTED ON OUR EMERGENCY FORMS. (Daycare and After school Programs can also be listed :))

• On Tuesday, June 4th, we will be enacting the evacuation at 1:30pm. Staff, students and PAC will be following emergency guidelines around evacuation procedures, pickup and student release.

• I will be hosting an after school session for those parents interested in hearing more on Thursday, May 23rd from 3-3:30pm and would be happy to answer any questions.  This same session will be shared at our upcoming PAC meeting, May 27th at 7pm.  This provides an option for parents who work.

• A detailed email with specific information will be sent on Tuesday morning outlining pickup details, and information for parents whose children generally walk home from school.

If you do not have up-to-date emergency contact information we will provide a way for you to share this next week.  We understand that this may not have been a consideration for you when completing the original form.

On the day of the drill, students will marshall on the school field, as with all drills, and a reunification station will be set up to release students to parents.  Our goal is to maintain the calm and orderly nature of our other drills and to ensure that by checking our procedures we maintain our priority of student safety.

The biggest notes: it will be low stress, students will know it is coming and how it will play out, and there will be options for parents who are unable to get away from work to pick up their children as long as we have the proper information.

As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Look for Tuesday’s email for more details.



May 20th – Victoria Day Holiday (school not in session)

May 22nd – Talent Show 11:45am and 1:05pm

May 22nd – White Hatter Internet Presentation for Parents 7pm

May 23rd – White Hatter Internet Presentation for Grades 4 and 5

May 23rd – Parent Controlled Release Information Session 3pm

May 24th – Grade 5 Yorkson Creek Middle School Visit

May 27th – PAC AGM and Parent Appreciation Evening

May 27-31 – Operation Waterproof (Grade 5 Swim Program)

May 31st – Spring Carnival

June 4th – Controlled Release Emergency Preparedness Drill

June 5th – District Track Meet

June 6th – Yorkson Creek Grade 5 Parent Night 6:30pm

June 7th – Sports Day


Have a wonderful long weekend.  We look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

Kim Anderson



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