May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Good Evening,

As we head into the last week of May, our students continue to learn and work together.  These last 5 weeks are quite busy, so I encourage you to check out our list of upcoming events so you don’t miss out!  In addition, many classes have year end field trips planned and I encourage you to check with your classroom teacher about any that many be coming up for your children!

A big thank you to parents for your feedback about our emergency preparedness email and forms.  We have received numerous forms back updating emergency information, and this is great news.  If you have any questions about the forms, or the process, please do not hesitate to ask.  Also, I will be going over the drill and what it entails at Monday’s PAC meeting.

As I visit classrooms and take part in student learning activities, I am always amazed at the growth our students are showing.  What I particularly enjoy is seeing students progress in their own way, at their own rate and with individual successes in the context of whole class learning and community.  Take at look at what we have been up to this week with curiosity, joy and connection.



Oral language is a large component of student literacy.  In our older students skills are developed in many ways that include conversations, reflections, debates, question and answer time, or even speeches. In our younger students, one of the biggest ways we develop oral language is through storytelling.   Take a look at some of the stories captured in Mrs. Torgerson’s class this week!




When I went to school, the words Novel Study held a whole different meaning. It usually meant students taking turns reading aloud (each at a different pace) and answering comprehension questions. We now know so much more about developing engaged, literate, students with a love of reading.  We know that students learn to develop fluency and comprehension not only by reading themselves, but also by hearing expressive, fluent reading done by an adult.  Our intermediate students love to hear a great novel read aloud!  And while students may answer question about what is happening in the novel, they are digging deeper into the novel in terrific ways.  Learning new vocabulary, and exploring the phrasing within books; making connections and inferences about what is happening next and what COULD happen next; visualizing the setting and characters and the action as it plays out;  Students are reading along as they are being read to as a way to help develop pacing and fluency and expression and then digging into the text to find deeper meaning and symbolism.  Mrs. Hamelin’s class has been reading Inside Out and Back Again, a novel about Vietnamese refugees in 1975.  After reading the novel, and digging into its meaning, students chose meaningful quotes, explained and drew pictures from their favourite themes, identified character traits and examples of symbolism to create these beautiful “one pagers’ showing their learning.  Students did such a great job!




Our Grade Four and Grade Five students participated in a presentation by the White Hatter this week, learning about internet safety.  Students learned about privacy settings and limitations, how to be good digital citizens and how to protect their identities and personal information.  Students were also informed about the pitfalls and power of social media and the lifelong story it leaves.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



Mrs. Mirecki’s class visited the Trout Fishery this week and explored natural habits and the effects of human choice in these environments.  Students created a pollution simulation and then learned the effects of pollution on stream life.  The learning also included the salmon life cycle, learning about indigenous plants during a nature walk, and the exploration of aquatic creatures such as worms, nymphs and larvae.  The hands-on learning experience allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and build understanding in a contextual way.



Stones covered with images are unique storytelling aids.  Mrs. Sawatzky’s students worked with their big buddies this week to tell a collective story.  Group storytelling cultivates friendships and an appreciation for the ideas of others.  It’s also another way that students can develop their oral language skills.



Our Kindies are learning all about symmetry as part of their study on butterflies.  We are really excited to grow our own butterflies and are learning some Math along the way!  I am impressed by the students’ ability to make such complicated patterns with their new understanding of this concept!



These are just a few pictures our students’ amazing talent!  We are working on the video to share everybody’s great work.  Our kids did such a great job rising above technical difficulties and program shuffles to accommodate them!  What I know is that each and every one of our students has a gift and our job as a community is to find it, to nurture it, and to help our students flourish. Our performers did a truly wonderful job and displayed our virtues of courage, resilience, patience and respect.



Ms. Winterbottom’s kids investigated various forms of matter as well as chemical and physical changes as the carried out their science experiment today.  By the looks on the students’ faces, they had a lot of fun too!



Ms. Koop’s students enjoyed some great books this week with their partners, developing stamina and fluency for reading. Providing students with several opportunities each day to read good fit books and practice their decoding and comprehension skills helps to build stronger readers.



Here is another copy of the emergency preparedness email that was sent home;  If you would like assistance in translating or understanding, you may contact our district SWIS workers, Karen Wang (Mandarin) at , Irene Hohng at or myself at (any other languages).




We are looking forward to our PAC Annual General Meeting on Monday, May 27th at 7pm.  All parents are welcome to attend. We look forward to saying thank you to our amazing parent community for their support!  Other agenda items include our year in review and the EmergencyPreparedness review.



May 27th – PAC AGM and Parent Appreciation Evening

May 27-31 – Operation Waterproof (Grade 5 Swim Program)

May 31st – Spring Carnival

June 4th – Controlled Release Emergency Preparedness Drill

June 5th – District Track Meet

June 6th – Yorkson Creek Grade 5 Parent Night 6:30pm

June 7th – Sports Day


Have a wonderful weekend,

Kim Anderson

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