October 4, 2019

October 4, 2019

Good Afternoon,

What a full week here at Lynn Fripps! We have enjoyed many great learning opportunities as we settle into October.

Our Grade 5 students had a bake sale to raise funds for the Leadership program.  Through our virtues program and other opportunities, our Grade 5 leaders are learning important lifelong skills about organization, leadership, responsibility and ethics.  We are very excited to see what this year’s leaders accomplish!  Students raised $584 for our leadership work this year.  A special thank you to Mrs. Thorne, Ms. McMitchell and Mrs. Fernandes for their organization.


We held our first fire drill of the year and students did an amazing job!  Each year our students will participate in a number of drills that help us maintain safety, order and communication in the event of a real emergency.



This month’s virtue is Thankfulness, which means to be happy or grateful for a person, situation or opportunity in our lives.  Our Virtues assembly on Thankfulness will be tied together with our Thanksgiving Assembly on Friday October 11th at 9am.  All families are welcome to attend.



This week our Grade 4 teachers met to dig into literacy for students.  While teachers explored assessment, reading strategies and reaching our readers, the Grade 4 students worked with Mrs. Janzen and I creating Social Responsibility comics.  We continue to work with students to build their capacity for problem solving using I-Messages, and this happens through modelling, practice and experience.  Students were able to use real-life examples of problems they encounter in their comics.



We are very proud of the hard work of our many students learning the English Language!  At Lynn Fripps we have over 150 students who are learning English, and they are supported by our amazing team of ELL teachers: Ms. Harssema, Mrs. Kevany, Mrs. Ochoa Sanabria and Mr. Lycan.

This week some of our students have been busy this week reading and retelling a scene from the story, “ A Thumping Great Rabbit.” Listening to the story and then making it helped with the writing process. They orally retold the story and had a visual to work from. Their ideas were in front of them as they began to write. No writer’s block, and rich vocabulary to work with.



Student safety is our number one priority at the school.  One of the ways you can help is in our school parking lot.  We have seen some very speedy drivers this week which can be very dangerous for our community.  Students step out between cars, run across the driveway or step off of the curb frequently.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drive very slowly when in our lot or driveway.  Our students are counting on you to model proper road safety and to help keep them safe.    – Art by Jude



Mrs. Torgerson’s class has been talking about being unique and how each one of us is special.    One of the ways we infuse this personal awareness is through literacy.  Picture books provide a great tool for showcasing examples of this all of our classrooms use picture books to support their teaching and modelling.  This week Mrs. Torgerson used “Chrysanthemum” to reinforce the beauty in our own unique names. After reading this terrific book students created their names in different ways to show how very special each one of us is!


Mrs. Schroeder’s class shared their All About Me Bags with one another this week.  Part of what makes a strong community is when we know all about one another and how we can work together.  Students brought in items that represented their interests, their culture and their personality and shared them with one another.




These are so great, I thought I should share! Often times parents ask how they can support reading at home.  We are continuing to work on building not only student fluency (the ease and accuracy with which students read) but also comprehension (how well students understand what they have read).  Ms. Bogress’ class has begun working with Reading Powers, and students are building capacity in their ability to ask questions, make inferences and connections, and explore their thinking about what they read.  Take a look at some of the thinking points students are using as they explore literature and build comprehension.





Mrs. Salli’s students were working on their number sense this week. Students were learning how to represent numbers to 1000 in a variety of ways.  Students develop a better understanding of numbers and how they are used when the can see them represented in a variety of ways.



Ms. Winterbottom’s students are using Creative Thinking each week as the create their personal drawings for “Think Outside the Box”.  This activity challenges students to come up with new and creative ways to use a squiggle or partial drawing. Students are given only one qualifier each week.  This week’s …. “It’s NOT a cloud” . Take a look at what this group of Grade Twos and Threes came up with!



We are so grateful for our music program.  Mrs. DeVido does a great job of incorporating musical experiences with classroom learning.  This week some of our students enjoyed selecting and playing instruments to a song about numbers. Students selected instruments that sounded like the sound-words that accompanied each number in the song & then played them along with the song.

Our students are also working on a song for our upcoming Thanksgiving Assembly!



We continue to see our work together though the lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection!  Here are some moments from this week!



Students are continually working on their core competencies, and this work happens in all areas.  This week Mrs. Thorne’s class practiced their critical thinking as they worked to play this human tic-tac-toe game!




Take a look at what our chief waterer pulled up from the Lynn Fripps garden today!  He helped us out all last year making sure the plants kept hydrated. LEPS visited us to plan our collaborative garden and offer us tips yesterday. Our gardening club will kick off on Friday, next week with the Intermediate students tidying up the beds and planting garlic. We still have kale and chard growing strong! The club will take off again right after spring break where we will plant spuds in tubs,  a variety of native plants, and all kinds of veggies. Dig on!!




Mrs. Salli’s class spent time with their little buddies from Mrs. Sukert’s class this week playing matching and memory games.  The Grade Three students are learning to communicate effectively, help problem solve, support and encourage their little buddies.  These skills will help them become our future leaders, and they are off to a great start!



This week Mrs. Gillion’s class celebrated one of their own!  Luke is cancer-free and the class celebrated with cake, cards and presents!

This story was so heartwarming, we made the School District news!  You can read the whole story here!




October 11th – Virtues Assembly “Thankfulness” 9:00 am

October 14th – Thanksgiving (School Not in Session)

October 25th – Provincial Professional Development Day (students not in attendance)

October 29 & 30th – Parent Teacher Interviews

November 7th – Virtues – Remembrance Day Assembly

November 8th – Day not in session

November 11th – Remembrance Day (school not in session)


Have a wonderful weekend,

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