September 20, 2019

September 20, 2019

Good Evening Families,

We have had another great week of learning at Lynn Fripps this week.  Our kindergarten students enjoyed their first full week of classes and the community was settled into school year routines.  Take a look at what we’ve been up to, and what is coming up for our community.



Our Annual Terry Fox Run will be held Monday afternoon.  We will begin with our assembly at 1:15pm and the run will happen at 1:30pm.  Kindergarten students will have their own assembly at 9:00am but will run at the same time as the rest of the school at 1:30pm

Students are asked to bring coin donations for the Terry Fox Foundation to support cancer research.


You can read more about our event in Mrs. Marte’s letter:

Terry Fox letter to parents 2019



Mrs. Schroeder’s class has been writing this week about September’s Virtue – Courage!  As students learn about our virtues, they are encouraged to find real-life personal examples that allow them to connect their learning.

Mrs. Salli’s class has also been talking about courage as we prepare for our Terry Fox run this coming Monday.  Having real-life role models helps students to see how the virtues we are developing play an active role in our day to day lives.



One of our school goals is to continue creating a socially responsible learning community.  One of the ways we do this is by building capacity in our students for problem solving and communication. Problem Solving and Communication are Core Competencies that lend themselves to well-rounded citizens.  For more information on the Core Competencies, please visit the curriculum website at

Our staff has committed to helping students develop these skills in a variety of ways.  One of our SEAs, Mrs. Wotherspoon has developed our I Message Talking Feathers.  Talking Feathers are a tool shared through Aboriginal Cultures that allow everyone to have their say.  Providing students with the language necessary and the social cues, we are helping them to communicate their needs and solve problems independently.

Take a look at how we are using these at Lynn Fripps:

I Messages Video



This week Ms. Winterbottom’s class took on the challenge of “Saving Fred”.  Students were challenged to work cooperatively, use their communication skills, and problem solve to help Fred the worm find his way into the lifesaver and into safety!  Students had fun practicing and developing their core competencies.



We continue to view our learning and teaching through the lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection, and particularly love when this is shown in connection with literacy.  There is no joy quite like watching students confidently and excitedly share their developing reading skills and love of books!  Our book fair this past week saw over $6500 in sales which translates into almost $2000 in books for our library!  Thank you families for helping to support the love of reading in our students.



Dear Family,

Wow!  A whole week of school.  Every day!  And I ate snack AND lunch there.  There are so many things to remember.  I’m learning to line up (with MY teacher), and how to find the bathroom when I need it.  I am meeting all sorts of new people …people who teach music, people who read stories, people who help when I’m sad, or scared or excited.  There are TWO playgrounds, and I get to use them both each day.  There are SO. MANY. New. Friends.  And So. Many. Adults.  But I’m figuring things out.  I’m learning to follow instructions, and listen to my teacher.  I’m practicing my sharing and kind words.  AND I’m learning letters and numbers and all sorts of other things.  And I’m also very tired.  I sure am looking forward to spending the weekend with you, and I may need some extra cuddles. There is so much to learn and know and do, but I’m doing it – AND I’m getting better everyday.  Right now, I need a rest (and maybe a special snack). 

                                     -Love Your Kindie




Our kindergartens are rock stars!  Not only was this their first full week of school, but some of our kindies even managed to amaze us with their Stop Motion skills!  Mrs. Kuhr’s class worked with some of Ms. McMitchell’s Grade 5 students to learn the art of stop motion photography, and they did an amazing job!



While students enjoyed at a day at home, our staff was hard at working planning for a great year of learning and growth for all students.  Our team dug into our Action Plan for Learning, and looked at our next steps for student success.

Our focus will continue to be:

How can we continue to work collaboratively to develop capacity in our students for self-regulation and social emotional learning while improving literacy achievement?

Staff spent time in our reading data and our Language Arts Scope and Sequence to collaboratively support all of our learners.  We also looked at problem solving and how we can help students builds resilience in the face of today’s demands.  I am so excited by the team work and commitment to support ALL of our kids as all of OUR kids.



Mrs. Marte is excited to start up lunch time Intramural games for our students.  This week Grade Four and Grade Five Students enjoyed some lunch time fun!




Please help make the parking lot safe for our children.  Just a few reminders:



  • Do not double park cars – and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR when not in a parking spot

** We have an increasing number of families parking behind parked card and leaving them unattended creating safety concerns – PLEASE do not do this ***

  • Do not leave your car if you are parked in the DROP OFF zone
  • Do not park where yellow lines are painted
  • Drive slowly



What a great evening of community and connection!  Thank you to our PAC for hosting our Meet the Teacher Barbecue on Wednesday evening.  The weather was beautiful and it was wonderful to see so many families out.  Our PAC raised $1300 for student learning!!

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit your child’s classroom.  We know that student success is greater when home and school work together, and look forward to a great partnership this year.




September 23rd – Terry Fox Assembly/Run 1:15pm

September 30th – Orange Shirt Day Assembly 9:00 a.m.

October 10th – Virtues Assembly “Thankfulness” 11:15 am

October 14th – Thanksgiving (School Not in Session)

October 25th – Provincial Professional Development Day (students not in attendance)

October 29 & 30th – Parent Teacher Interviews

November 7th – Virtues – Remembrance Day Assembly

November 8th – Day not in session

November 11th – Remembrance Day (school not in session)


Have a Wonderful Weekend

Kim Anderson

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