September 27, 2019

September 27, 2019

Good Evening Families,

We have had an awesome week of learning here at Fripps!  Students are engaged and learning and we are seeing growth in our students already.  As we settle in to the end of September, we are feeling good about our year to come!  Take a look at some of the learning experiences our students have had this week.



Our Library Learning Commons is a very busy place.  From Applied Design Skills and Technology lesson where to students are challenged to use creative and critical thinking, to collaborative stop-motion projects that develop collaboration and communication skills, and a literacy program that offers voice and choice in reading and learning, we are super proud of what is happening here.  All of our students form kindergarten to Grade Five spend time in our Learning Commons each week.

One of our current projects is the 3D Printing of the skeletal system.  Students will use these 3D printed parts to create a stop motion video of the skeleton going back together.  Connecting this creative project to the science curriculum is just one way that we offer learning through our lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection.


This lesson shows how our Grade One students work through the redesign process to create a more fluid design in their structure.



This week saw a great collaboration between our Grade 5 and kindergarten buddies.  Ms. McMitchell’s class worked alongside Mrs. Kuhr’s class to help the students make stop-motion videos of their names.  Students used their fine-motor skills to make Play-doh letters and then turned them into their names using stop motion!  Students worked on their problem solving, communication and creative thinking skills and our Grade 5 students demonstrate their growing leadership skills.


Here are some more great moments of our students learning through the lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection:




Our students did such a great job this past week!  Our Grade 5 students led a wonderful assembly about courage and strength.  Mrs. Marte shared a powerful message about Hope and our students shared personal examples of courage.

As a school we raised $736.75 for the Terry Fox foundation which helps support Cancer Research!

We all know someone who has been touched by cancer, and our dedicated efforts help give us hope.

This brief video helps share Terry’s story and the reason behind our annual school run:


Here are a few pictures from our afternoon run!



Our cross country team has been working very hard!  They represented Lynn Fripps well on Wednesday at our first meet and worked hard to achieve their personal goals.  One of our action plan items is to continue to provide students with opportunities to showcase their passions and strengths through academic, social, physical and emotional avenues.  Thank you to Mrs. Marte for organizing our team and to Mrs. Hamelin and Mrs. Conlin for helping out at our event!

Here are some of our students in action at the Aldergrove Bowl on Wednesday afternoon.



Our cross country program has sparked a lot of interest and we are excited!  Mrs. Hamelin has begun a Thursday Morning running club for staff, students and a parents.  If you would like to start your day with some exercise and some amazing people, come on out and run with our family on Thursday mornings from 8:00am – 8:30am on the back field.





One of our strengths as a staff here at Lynn Fripps is our commitment to ensuring ALL of our kids are all of OUR kids. That means all staff work to support the growth and success of all students. As a way of helping facilitate this teamwork, our teachers will be participating in Grade Group Collaboration time on Tuesday afternoons throughout the year.

This opportunity gives staff time to dig into our Action Plan goals and target learning for students.  During this time, Mrs. Janzen and I have the pleasure of working with students across the grades!  This week our Grade 5 teachers met and spent the afternoon sharing and working together while we worked with our Grade 5 students scripting, acting and filming videos about social situations and problem solving.  Our hope is that we can post these videos for classes to use as we build capacity for problem solving in our school community.



Literacy development takes many forms at school.  From building understanding of word patterns and knowledge of sight words to reading daily independently and with others, students are building fluency and comprehension that will allow them to access texts with increasing difficulty.  Our small group instruction helps to ensure that we are meeting students where they are at and build needed skills.  We are also working to build in students a love of literature by giving them choice in their reading materials and finding books that pique students’ interests.  Here are a few examples of our literacy work this week!




Mrs. Ekman’s class some special visitors this week.  The Vancouver Giants visited and shared their “Be a Giant” program which promotes good behaviour, hard work, attentiveness and the simple act of being a reliable, inclusive and positive classmate and representative of one’s school.  Our students really enjoyed the visit, and we are grateful for the program that supports our Virtues work!



Kindergarten literacy includes song and rhyme and is often how students learn word patterns, letters and sounds.  Students learn much through musical opportunities and we are thrilled that our kindies experience weekly Rhyme Time with our music specialist Mrs. DeVido.   Take a look at what they were up to this week:




Mrs. Schroeder’s students participated in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge this week when they designed and created perches or nests for members of the “Bob” family.  Students worked collaboratively and used both critical and creative thinking to create the best possible design for their perches and nests.


We are dedicated to ensuring all of our students have the best possible learning and the best way to ensure this is to be in attendance at school.  Much of the learning that happens in class does not transfer to worksheets or independent activities when the lessons are missed.  While we know that family circumstances vary, we encourage you to keep this in mind when planning holidays during instructional time, as teachers are not able to provide work for the time missed.

In addition, due to the ongoing enrolment pressures across the Langley School District, the district is unable to guarantee spaces for students who choose to take an extended leave from school.  Please see the attached form which outlines information about the impact of extended absences on your child’s enrolment and education.

Student Missing School Time


Grade 4 FSA Assessments

Grade 4 Parents will have received an email with information about the upcoming FSA Assessments.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.




Please help make the parking lot safe for our children.  Just a few reminders:



  • Do not double park cars – and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR when not in a parking spot

** We have an increasing number of families parking behind parked card and leaving them unattended creating safety concerns – PLEASE do not do this ***

  • Do not leave your car if you are parked in the DROP OFF zone
  • Do not park where yellow lines are painted
  • Drive slowly



Harmony Yoga has begun their Fall sessions with our kindergarten students.  All of our Kindergarten students enjoyed their first session!



September 30th – Orange Shirt Day Assembly 9:00 a.m. All welcome!

October 3rd and 4th – Student Photos – schedule finalized early next week 🙂

October 10th – Virtues Assembly “Thankfulness” 11:15 am

October 14th – Thanksgiving (School Not in Session)

October 25th – Provincial Professional Development Day (students not in attendance)

October 29 & 30th – Parent Teacher Interviews

November 7th – Virtues – Remembrance Day Assembly

November 8th – Day not in session

November 11th – Remembrance Day (school not in session)


Have a Wonderful Weekend

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