You Belong Here! Welcome!

September 6, 2019

Good Evening,

We are so excited for a new school year!  This week we have welcomed new and returning faces to our community and are warmed by the smiles and positivity.  I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of our new students and families in the coming weeks.



Your child should have come home today with a class placement slip, showing whose class they will be learning in this year. We spent many, many hours building classes with input from last year’s teachers, those who have spent a great deal of time with your child.  We have taken into account many factors when considering these placements, all of which we believe will provide the best possible learning and growth for your child.  We know that some of you have made personal requests with regards to class placement.  We have taken these into consideration, but due to the many factors we consider, cannot guarantee that they were all met.  Please know that these decisions are not made lightly and are made with care.  Again, we have done our very best to provide your child with an optimal learning environment for the school year.


We are beginning the year right!  Learning through a lens of Curiosity, Joy and Connection, we are working to help students achieve great things.  This week students engaged in some great activities and made some great connections.



We are happy to continue our work around the Virtues Project this year.  Lynn Fripps students are working to develop skills that help them become caring and contributing members of our community.  Each month our community will focus on one virtue and students will learn, practice and model these throughout the year.

We also have monthly Virtues assemblies planned, run and led by our Grade 5 students.  These assemblies showcase the Virtue we are working on and allow us to recognize students who demonstrate the virtues.

Mrs. Fernandes has created this poster to share our virtues with the school community,




We are working hard at Lynn Fripps to build student capacity for following expected behaviour for students.  Some of our Leadership students put together this video about expected and unexpected behaviours to share with our students.  Take a look!



This year we are excited for all students to receive opportunities in Music with Mrs. DeVido and and Library Learning Commons with Mrs. Fernandes and Mrs. VanBerkel.  All students will have opportunities for Physical Education and Mrs. Marte will provide this instruction to our students in Kindergarten through Grade 2.  We are proud of the variety of specialist programs that we offer here at Fripps and the learning that your children will take part in.



This week marked a pretty big step for our youngest learners (and their parents;) as they had their first day of Kindergarten!  I was so impressed this week as our 91 new little ones learned how to be at school.  Gradual entry allows students not only to spend gradually longer periods of time at school, but also allows them to do so in smaller groups so that teachers and students are able to familiarize themselves with each other and routines!

Next week Kinders attend in their two session (9-11 and 12-2) Monday and Tuesday, and then come together as a whole group 9-12 on Wednesday.  We are so excited you’re here!!



School Supplies for Grade 2-5 students can be ordered online.  School Starts school supply kits for your child, they will be delivered to students once classes have been finalized.  If you haven’t done so, you can still order supplies at 

Kindergarten and Grade One students are asked to pay a $50 school supply fee at

Kindergarten families were provided student numbers to set up School Cash Online accounts today. Grade One students are able to go on now using last year’s login.  We are asking that all students pay online for school supplies to ensure accuracy and security.  If this is a problem, please contact the school office or your child’s classroom teacher.

Classroom teachers will send out information about classroom systems, communication and organization in the coming week.  We look forward to a great year.



We have an abundance of Lost and Found from last year still at the school.  If it is not claimed by the end of the first week back, it will be donated.  Please feel free to check out the Lost and Found collected in the Music Room.



Please help make the parking lot safe for our children.  Just a few reminders:

  • Do not double park cars
  • Do not leave your car if you are parked in the DROP OFF zone
  • Do not park where yellow lines are painted
  • Drive slowly




Learning begins as soon as our day starts.  The first bell is when the students are to begin entering the building, and the second bell signals the start of instruction and learning.  On time arrival allows for students to begin learning with their peers and also decreases anxiety.  When students arrive late, they often worry about joining activities midstream and how to transition.  Students are asked to access outside classroom doors until the second bell has run.  Senior students and staff will ensure the doors are open for a few extra minutes.  If students arrive after the second bell, they will not be admitted to class without a late slip from the office.  This is to ensure safety and accurate attendance.


PLEASE REMEMBER TO PHONE THE SCHOOL OFFICE AT 604.888.1075 OR EMAIL MRS. HERRINGTON at if your child is going to be absent.  This allows us to accurately mark attendance and to phone the parents of those students who are unaccounted for.



We are a nut aware school.  Please do not send any snacks or lunch products containing peanuts or tree nuts.  This will help keep our school community safe.


2019-2020 FALCON STAFF

We are thrilled to have this amazing group of people supporting our students this year! At Lynn Fripps ALL of our kids are all of OUR kids.  That means that all of our adults will work to ensure the success of our students.

Principal: Mrs. Kim Anderson

Vice Principal: Mrs. Gold Janzen

Admin Assistant: Mrs. Heather Herrington

Division 1        Grade 5          Mrs. Thorne/Mr. Myers

Division 2        Grade 5          Ms. McMitchell

Division 3        Grade 5          Ms. Sandhu

Division 4        Grade 4           Ms. Bogress

Division 5        Grade 4           Mrs. Hamelin

Division 6        Grade 4           Mrs. Powar/Mrs. Janzen

Division 7        Grade 3           Ms. Arora

Division 8        Grade 3           Mrs. Salli

Division 9        Grade 3           Mrs. Swayne/ Mrs. Dornian

Division 10      Grade 2/3        Ms. Winterbottom

Division 11      Grade 2/3        Ms. Ekman

Division 12      Grade 2           Mrs. Ponting

Division 13      Grade 2           Mrs. Schroeder

Division 14      Grade 2           Ms. Sawatzky

Division 15      Grade 1/2        Ms. Miller

Division 16      Grade 1           Mrs. Gage

Division 17      Grade 1           Ms. Tripp

Division 18      Grade 1           Mrs. Faubert

Division 19      Grade 1           Mrs. Gillion/Mrs. Klassen

Division 20     Grade K           Ms. Prasad

Division 21     Grade K           Mrs. Torgerson

Division 22     Grade K           Mrs. Sukert

Division 23      Grade K           Ms. Kuhr/Mrs. Westwick

Division 24      Grade K          Mrs. Myers

Resource:  Ms. Cheung,  Ms. Mitchell, Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Janzen

Counselling: Mrs. Francis – Greenshields

ELL:  Ms. Harssema and Mrs.Kevany

Learning Commons:  Mrs. Fernandes

Music: Mrs. DeVido

P.E.– Mrs. Marte

Library Technician: Mrs. Van Berkel

Aboriginal Support Worker: Mrs. Roanne Gibbons

Speech and Language: Ms. Conti

SEA’s: Mrs. Andal, Mrs. Ayuson, Mrs. Bains, Mrs. Bilodeau, Ms. Harris, Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Mason

Mrs. Park, Mrs. Wotherspoon

Youth Care Worker – Ms. Rajaram



Please find attached a letter from the Ministry of Education:

MEd Letter – Back to School 2019



We have made a few changes to our bell schedule this year.  Please take a look:



September 9th – First Day in New Classes.  Students line up outside NEW classrooms.

September 18th – PAC BBQ and Meet the Teacher Evening (5-6 BBQ, 6-7 Meet the Teacher)

September 20th  – School Improvement Day – Students not in session

September 23rd – Terry Fox Run 1:30pm

September 30th – Orange Shirt Day Assembly 9:00 a.m.

October 10th – Virtues Assembly “Thankfulness” 11:15 am

October 14th – Thanksgiving (School Not in Session)

October 29 & 30th – Parent Teacher Interviews


For those of you new to Lynn Fripps, as well as those returning, please know my door is always open and I welcome the opportunity to chat with you.  We work best when we work together for student success.


I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and look forward to seeing you all Monday morning!


Kim Anderson

Lynn Fripps Elementary

21020 - 83 Avenue, Langley
BC, V2Y 0K8
Phone: 604-888-1075
Fax: 604-888-1022