Student Responsibilities

At Lynn Fripps Elementary, our values, conduct and behaviour expectations are guided by our district policy No. 7016 which provides the following school district discipline guidelines:

“The Board believes that the conduct of students should at all times contribute to a safe, orderly and positive learning environment. Each student is expected to respect the rights and property of others, and to adhere to district and school regulations.

District and school regulations shall set expectations for student conduct that:

a) direct the student toward responsible behaviour
b) maintain an orderly, positive school environment conducive to learning, and
c) protect persons and property

Discipline expectations are designed to teach students to be responsible citizens in the community. For misbehaviour, there shall be reasonable disciplinary action that promotes personal/social development.”

Lynn Fripps’ students have primary responsibility for their actions.  Our teaching and support encourage self-control.

Students must observe the safety rules of the school and the school bus for their own security and that of others.

Students are reminded that any teacher or staff member in the school has the right to correct inappropriate behaviours at any place and time (this includes transport to and from school on the buses each day and during field trips).  Additionally, disciplinary consequences for non-compliance of behaviour will be determined.

Students are expected to follow the classroom routines and expectations established by their teacher(s).

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